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Shade Hard shelters (park to school use) Product Group
No. Product Type
1 Arbor open roof
2 Shelter 3 sided ends Treviot
3 Shelter All steel Gilbraltar
4 Shelter Curved BUFFALO all steel
5 Shelter Curved Hotham all metal
6 Shelter Curved Wave Rawson all steel
7 Shelter Curved Woodroffe all steel
8 Shelter Gable All steel Split Roof HAY
9 Shelter Gable DIAMOND all steel
10 Shelter Gable MacDonnell
11 Shelter Hexagonal Northcote
12 Shelter Hip end Carruthers
13 Shelter Skillion Beerwah all steel
14 Shelter Skillion Buller Y post
15 Shelter Skillion Snowy steel post
16 Shelter Skillion Snowy timber/steel post
17 Shelter Square Pyramid Kosciuszko
18 Shelter Tapered 3 Sisters all metal
19 Shelters ACQ pine styles
20 Shelters Entrance, Lithgates
21 Shelters extended or linked
22 Shelters for Bands or with floors
23 Shelters for BBQ
24 Shelters for Notice Board
25 Shelters for setting - umbrella style
26 Shelters for smokers or transit
27 Shelters for TEENS
28 Shelters Gable open or closed
29 Shelters Gable with furniture
30 Shelters GablePlus sketch
31 Shelters Gull wing style
32 Shelters hip on hex, sq, rect or oct
33 Shelters Hip with furniture
34 Shelters Hypar
35 Shelters large posts
36 Shelters Many storeys
37 Shelters school "COLA" curved
38 Shelters school "COLA" gable
39 Shelters school Covered Walk Ways
40 Shelters single post
41 Shelters Skillion Flat with furniture
42 Shelters Skillion positioned Flat
43 Shelters Skillion sloping
44 Shelters Skillion sloping with furniture
45 Shelters Sports dug outs etc
46 Shelters Views and close ups
47 Shelters Wave or Curved
48 Shelters Wave or Curved with furniture
49 Shelters with Walls/screens/balustrades
50 Shelters xref all metal Luncheon
51 Shelters xref sketch styles
52 Shelters Xtra Large styles
53 Shelters xtreme Artististic rooves
54 Shelters xtreme Outside Features
55 Skate parks
56 Stages to grandstands FOLDING