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About Us

About Moodie Outdoor Products

Moodie Outdoor Products is a distributor, manufacturer and importer of high quality street/site furniture and sports courts, shades, bridges, restrooms, play equipment and protective products. Based in Sydney, we have sales offices located all around Australia.

This web site allows you to view and sort our diverse product range by broad categories, or by specific applications or types. Whatever your needs are, Moodie Outdoor Products innovative solutions can find the right product for you.

Designed for a wide range of uses

All Moodie products are designed specifically for use in public areas where reasonable initial cost and minimum maintenance requirements are of paramount importance. Wherever possible, materials are selected to minimise and discourage vandalism, whilst still enabling a wide variety of colours to be obtained if possible.

An hollistic approach to exterior design

Moodie Outdoor Products innovative solutions offer such a broad range of products that it is possible to design entire play areas or exterior projects. We cover all apsect of the design from sports surfaces and courts to play equipment, shade products, parking bollards and litter receptacles. Your entire project can be fitted out from this website.

We are where you are

With sales offices located around Australia, Moodie Outdoor Products innovative solutions are able to provide you with local service and backup for your projects. We see the need to work with our clients as a major part of our business. We are much more than a reseller of products. We can offer design guidelines as well as construction hints. Whatever your needs are, a Moodie's sales office can help you with just a local phone call.

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